Virtual Employees

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Globalization has given rise to a business model which transcends boundaries and geographical locations. Entrepreneurs are always on a lookout of any business model or staffing solutions which has a potential of increasing the profit margin at a low cost. iXceed virtual employee staffing solution is one such new offering which not only brings a new meaning to the collaborative workforce environment but also lays the foundation of a new hiring model.


We offer world-class work opportunities for professional and personal, learning and growth of our prospective employees.

Talent Pool Anytime Anywhere

A team with skilled employees is worth its weight in gold. The iXceed virtual employee model allows unlimited recruitment opportunities as organizations have access to the best talent across geographical boundaries that allows organizations to build a talent pool of niche skillset which can be replenished from anywhere and anytime across the globe by leveraging the capabilities of technology with minimum overhead cost.

Serious Reduction in Time Spent on HR

The iXceed virtual employee offering reduces the onboarding lifecycle to a minimum, as it taps into a workforce which is already equipped with the desired skillset and is an addendum to the existing workforce. The time to hit the ground running for any employee hired through this model is negligible, thus mitigating the downtime, and ensuring the business remains relevant and in sync with the new skillsets on account of technological advancements.

Project Cost Reduction

With the virtual employee model, the aforementioned add-on costs are completely removed, making the projects more cost-effective, having a better chance on positive return on investment. The iXceed virtual employee staffing model propagate and thrives on the work life balance adage, where all the parties involved are winners

Eligible for Tax Rebates

The employees hired through iXceed are eligible for R&D tax credits. The virtual employees hired via this offering are eligible for 2 types of R&D tax credits, namely volume or incremental based.

Build to Secure your Data & Privacy

The virtual employee data model exposes the business to myriad information security and data privacy issues. iXceed Virtual employee framework is built on technology which gives benefits of global talent with the same control and collaboration opportunities that come with hiring local staff, without losing sight from the core requirement of data protection.

Experts at Your Service

Our expert hiring team with experience of hiring 30K IT professionals across verticals and geographical location, make sure the hiring is in commensuration with the exact requirements. Ixceed’s dedicated team of experts, cater to all type’s opportunities, from basic to C level roles.

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