Top Hiring Trends You Should Be Aware of in 2019  

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Picking the right candidate through job boards is passé. It has become a talent-driven market where the talent picks you instead of you picking them. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way hiring happens, where candidates are considered like customers now. The most recent hiring trend in the recruitment world is recruitment marketing.  The traditional method of recruitment was a simple flow of application, selection, and hire. The latest trend of recruitment marketing is to create awareness about the company among the candidate pool, get the candidates to consider the pros and cons of the company, and generate interest in the job opportunities.

Companies have moved away from the outbound recruiting methods towards inbound recruiting. Instead of job postings, companies now choose to create brand awareness to attract the attention of talent. The hiring strategies are no longer opportunity-driven.  Instead, companies or brands create awareness about themselves to ensure that they provide as much information to the candidates as possible to improve their chances of being picked by the top talent.

Immense competition between companies seems to have raised the bar to attract talent and is thereby making the traditional hiring methods redundant. Let us look at some of the other recruiting trends that the organizations could apply to improve their recruiting strategies:


Eulogizing how a company is the best place to work among its employees and building an exemplary reputation on sites like Glassdoor helps to enhance employer branding.  Branding efforts help in recruitment marketing, thereby enabling a company to set itself apart from others.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

A high volume of applications can be tedious and time consuming for a recruiter to scour through for the right talent. Profile ranking and shortlisting of candidatures by automation can cut down the lead time and even help with tapping into the passive job seekers pool with the help of machine learning. The numbers of applications of AI in recruitment has been growing in 2019.

Recruitment Analytics:

The recent use of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment software systems have made the initial process of hiring qualitative, less time consuming, and cost-efficient. The analysis of resumes, feedback on candidate interviews, and collection of useful data that enables identification of the right fit for the job can all be performed with the help of recruiting analytics. Nowadays, recruiters are relying on predictive analytics to assess and evaluate candidates’ behaviors rather than falling back on intuitive instincts.

Chatbots in recruitment:

Another emerging technology which is heavily used now by organizations is chatbots. Chatbots respond to candidates’ queries almost instantly and free up recruiter’s time. Once the pre-screening process is completed, chatbots schedule in-person interviews with the HR managers/recruiters and thereby shorten the turn around time. This results in improved candidate experience and also reduced lead time to hire.

Social Recruitment:

Engaging with job seekers on social media has become an integral part of hiring in 2019. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are social media platforms that have taken the recruitment world by the storm. Besides just posting job ads on these social platforms, recruiters can search for the top talent, build a good relationship with them, and can persuade them to join your organization.

Technology & Candidate Experience:

Video interviews cut down the hassles in terms of time, cost, and improved candidate experience. Applying for jobs through smartphones encourage candidates to submit applications at their convenience, and also provide a talent pool for the company to consider at a later stage.

Blockchain in recruitment:

There has been a surge in the number of companies using blockchain for their recruitment needs. Previously, companies initiated the verification process post-offer acceptance, and that caused a lot of challenges in onboarding. Utilizing blockchain technology at a much earlier stage in the application system cuts down the otherwise lengthy lead time involved in the process of verification. Hiring through blockchain also improves the quality of the talent pool.

Adoption of these top hiring trends in the recruitment cycle will certainly help in building a successful hiring strategy and achieving the target numbers for any business in 2019.

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