Role of Social Media in Recruitment in Today’s Digital World

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The digital age is revolutionizing industries all across, and recruitment is no exception. AI software and job boards have changed the way recruiters are hiring potential candidates. Even social media is playing a significant role in the transformation of recruitment processes. Surveys have depicted that at least 84% of companies are emphasizing on social media recruitment with more than 60% of them already using social networking sites to reach out to potential candidates. So, it is imperative to include leveraging social media in your organization’s recruitment strategy in 2019. Let’s understand the role of social media recruiting in detail.

Why hiring via Social Media makes sense?

Social media is unarguably one of the most potent digital recruitment tools. Today, almost every job seeker is active in some form of social media. Thus engaging with them on these platforms should be an integral part of your recruitment strategy. Here is the list of advantages to recruiting via social media.

Attracts high-quality candidates

It is a widely accepted fact among talent acquisition professionals that many high-quality candidates maintain an excellent social media presence. Recruiters have the option of posting about open positions on the company’s social media handles. This allows recruiters to tap into a much broader network of candidates. In a recent survey, it came to the fore that strategic social media tools are being used by 44% of companies to recruit good quality candidates.

Improves your company’s work culture

Featuring content and its constant promotion on major social media channels helps your company to garner popularity. Interestingly, social media sites can also help address issues relating to a company’s negative reputation. This is why social media is emerging as a powerful and versatile tool for recruiters and companies nowadays.

Enables targeting passive candidates

Interestingly, a lot of passive candidates (who are not actively looking for a job) with brilliant work-related experience and insight can be targeted with social media hiring. In fact, a survey has revealed that recruiting passive candidates is one of the top reasons for companies to use social media for hiring.

Facilitates holistic background checking

An interview session is not always sufficient to assess the capabilities of a candidate. This is where social media channels can play a significant role. Social media provides a more in-depth insight into the personality of the candidates and how they react under pressure. Many candidates during interviews don’t divulge their details. For such personality types, social media is an appropriate hiring method.

Social Media promotes your brand

By using social media to identify key talent, recruiters can advertise their company as a great place to work. It is important to note that it is not necessary that the best candidates are seeking a new job. This is where recruiters can quickly identify and engage with these professionals through social media channels. A strong employer brand perception on social media attracts intelligent workforce for the company. Social media platforms can be leveraged by employees and business leaders to act as ambassadors for their company. This helps to spread the goodwill of a brand and make it more widespread.


While there are numerous benefits of social media recruiting, an organization also requires a viable content management strategy. Social media, if used strategically for hiring, can get the recruiters top-notch candidates as well as help in endorsing the company brand.

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