Yogita Tulsiani


The Director & Co-Founder of iXceed Solutions, Ms. Tulsiani has been driving it towards exponential growth. With her experience, in Business Development & Strategy Consulting, with Fortune 100 organizations, in diverse sectors cutting across continents, she has a keen eye for business opportunities . Her responsibilities in iXceed revolve around formulating strategies and driving in the direction of iXceed’s growth, identifying business opportunities, and exploring new areas where we can venture and develop new offerings. Along with this, she ensures that the delivery, sales, operations, HR , Finance etc engines are running smoothly. Under her leadership, iXceed has been utilizing new-age technologies like AI and ML to provide sustainable value to its clients . By expanding over to the Americas and Asia Pacific, the organization is now a trusted partner for clients across the globe. Yogita , pursued engineering from the esteemed Delhi Institute of Technology . Following this, she did her MBA from the globally renowned Indian School of Business in Hyderabad

Sumit Krishnan


Sumit has more than 20 years of experience in managing enterprise technology projects for global clients in the US and Europe.  His solid understanding of latest technologies and sound business acumen has helped him drive global transformation projects .He has delivered global technology engagements in e-commerce and Digital domains with Oracle and SAP technologies. He has managed large enterprise clients like Walt-Disney, Gap, Carrefour etc. He has been instrumental in setting up large scale technology offshore operations in India. Sumit holds a  Bachelors in Technology  from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Anuj Jain


Anuj has more than 20 years of Expertise in IT Consulting, Product Development & Enterprise Application Development. He specialise in connecting marketing and business vision to products and technologies through innovation, process oriented execution and cross-functional interfacing. He has accomplished many turn-key projects on Enterprise software space especially in Identity access management. He has spearheaded large technology teams based in offshore and nearshore centers for enterprise clients. Anuj has completed B.Tech from esteemed engineering institute – Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and his passion to build scalable software applications and products. 

Prince Hritz


Prince Hritz is a Digital Marketing Manager & Content developer at iXceed Solutions. He has an extensive experience in creative content development & production and have 8+ years’ experience in entertainment, radio & event industry as an Anchor, RJ, Voice over artist and podcaster. He is a youngest entrant in radio industry. His core skills are public speaking, Video & audio production, content curation, content writing, creative designing, strategic planning, idea generation & research, employee and team engagements etc. As our Creative dynamo manager he always comes up with a creative solution. As a Digital Marketing Manager, he enjoys ensuring that content run smoothly on social media & creates creative strategy to keep the audience on track.