Industry Focus

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Information Technology

At iXceed we have extensive experience working with in the IT sector at various levels across different Organizations. IT is our core strength and we have a deep rooted technology experience with  very strong credentials.

Some of our key focus ares in IT are providing permanent and contract solutions in the following area :


We work with some of the world’s largest Telecom service providers and Telecom product development and implementation services companies of the world. We have deep experience in handling telco specific business, marketing and technical requirements.

Our key focus area in Telecommunications includes:

  • OSS/BSS Specialists – Principals, Architects and Consultants
  • Networking Design consultants
  • Field Installation Engineers and Technicians
  • Telco Project Managers
  • Telecom IT Architects
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Billing Specialists
  • CRM Specialists
  • Telco Infrastructure Design specialists
  • Telecom Domain Principals and Consultants
  • Telecom Application developers ( C++, Microsoft .NET, C#, Java)

Retail & Logistics

We understand that retail industry clients require a higher level of scalability, performance and flexibility to address business decisions related to growth, customer service and efficiency. We have extensive experience in catering to Retail organizations in both B2B and B2C categories. Our services are empowered by deep domain knowledge of our core team.

We have experience working with the world’s largest retailers spanning all formats of retail including large and midsize retailers.


At iXceed we have a strong relationship and experience working with Banking and Financial Services clients in the UK and Europe. We completely understand that Banks is probably the most demanding clients and they need to be represented by the best of the industry talent. We have a separate specialist team of recruiters who have worked in senior roles in the Banking and Financial services industry. Hence, we understand and appreciate our client’s requirements in a holistic way.

We provide contract, permanent, interim and senior executive search requirements in the Banking and Financial Services sector.

Our focus area in Banking and Financial Services sector includes:

  • Capital Market
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail and Corporate banking
  • Global Asset Management Firms
  • Trading house and Stock Exchanges
  • Regulatory and Compliance


We endeavour to help our manufacturing clients achieve their business objectives around lean manufacturing, supply chain optimization and global sourcing.

We understand that manufacturing organizations strive to enhance their revenue growth by changing their business model from B2B to D2C (Direct-to-Customer) and we work with them as trusted partners in this journey.

Our recruiters have a strong experience working in standard products like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Infor LN & Dynamics.


In order to remain competitive and productive in today’s competitive environment the insurance companies have to run leaner. The idea is to allocate fewer resources to non-core business task. The Ixceed’s Insurance business process service serves as an enabler for the insurers to improve the efficiency of the non-core processes while focusing on the core business competencies which will help them to increase the footprints in new markets and geographies faster.

The Ixceeds insurance solution, which is delivered by a global network of technology centers, provides the right mix of consulting, implementation and managed services through homogenization of people, processes and supporting technologies. It provides customized business process solutions to various aspects of Insurance, ranging from life insurance, annuities, general insurance to wealth management. Our portfolio is ahead of the industry curve and we deliver services that are the benchmark for their quality and performance.


The Aviation industry is going through a major makeshift with their primary focus being on operations management, customer experience, and maintenance. We at Ixceed understand the importance of these parameters and have designed solutions which can facilitate greater insights into these parameters through IOT and cognitive AI is driven computing. The mechanics can leverage the power of AI-powered defect analysis industry solutions to preempt a potential failure and predict future wear and tear. We help global aviation manufacturing companies to adopt and integrate new technologies and find ways to thrive in the digital age.

Public Sector

The government runs better with the right mix of technology and client-focused partner. Ixceed understands the importance of modernizing and protecting government infrastructure for better delivery of services to citizens. Ixceed’s digital innovation solutions help the government healthcare agencies lower administrative cost, reduce fraud and improve the overall experience for the individuals. It delivers a single solution for justice and public safety agencies for seamless jail management, pretrial management, and probation management, ultimately enabling end-to-end digital transformation across the entire enterprise. Our deep expertise in public sector solutions is an enabler for state and local government agencies.


Ixceed has major affiliations with the leading pharmaceutical organizations and understands the importance of accelerating scientific innovation and enhancing workforce experience, in the medical landscape. We at Ixceed deliver new models of digital technology in sync with the new models of care adoption lifecycle. Digital healthcare offers physicians, pharmacist the platform and technologies that are pertinent to deliver a patient-centric, outcome focused continuum of care. Our global experience in the pharmaceutical processes and established expertise with a prime focus on next-generation healthcare technology, we help deliver innovation, a disruptor that can make people healthier.

Automotive & Automobile

Autonomous driving, electrification, and network connectivity are paving the way for an entirely new form of mobility. Ixceed collaborates with leading OEM’s and helps them harness the power of connected vehicles to improve customer experience, gain insights from data and take advantage of the power of technology across their product offerings, supply chain network and sales operations. Our robotic research collaborative engagement offering drives research and development of many autonomous vehicle development programs.

Real Estate

Ixceed has forged affiliations with the biggest players in the real estate landscape in the european market. We understand the complexity and the laborious process that goes behind buying a property from the buyer’s viewpoint and in equal measures the wherewithal needed by agents to tap into the right buyers’ market. Ixceeed, on the back of its award-winning, AI-driven, cutting edge virtual assistant, has made processing of multitude of emails in an agent’s account a breeze. It facilitates filing, sorting and organizing of emails depending upon the stage or status of the deals. The virtual assistant model designed from the power of machine learning has been a key enabler in driving new search experience on the real estate portal.
With this current crop of development, the erstwhile laborious real estate processes have evolved into a more streamlined and efficient affair, making it a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

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