Technological innovations have revolutionized the way various industries work. The recruitment industry is also using the power of the latest technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), to add newer dimensions to the otherwise dull processes.

Virtual Reality can help simulate real-time and real-life experiences using a headgear or a VR headset. Through its immersive and close to authentic experiences, VR can drastically alter the way recruiters and HR team’s lookout for potential candidates for their organizations.

Let’s understand in detail how VR is facilitating recruitment in the current landscape.

Attract Potential Candidates

Using Virtual Reality, organizations are luring a more significant number of skilled candidates by providing them with a hands-on experience of the workplace and job at hand. VR enabled games and selection procedures are an exciting twist to the current tedious processes where there is banal interaction.

Companies like creating an engaging candidate experience with the help of VR to help the candidates interact with the co-workers and see how the meetings and typical day to day functions at the workplace are done. They also help give the candidates a look into the culture of the organization. Candidates with similar interests will find it extremely useful, and it is also beneficial for the recruiters to understand whether the candidate is fit for a vacancy at the earlier stages of recruitment. VR is coming extremely handy for the recruiters to attract potential candidates.

Virtual Tour

Any organization can vouch on its state-of-the-art premises and attractive work cubicles to attract potential candidates. The environment and the overall ambiance of the office spaces interest the employees as it is the place where they are going to spend most of the time.

Virtual Tours help the organizations to maintain the interest of the candidates in the job. This is also helpful for the candidates to view the place and whether it interests them. Companies Like General Mills and PwC use Virtual Tours to help candidates experience their campuses and work areas.

Save Money

It may seem complicated, but implementing VR in your recruitment processes is not extremely costly. Recruiters might feel that Virtual Reality experience needs high investment in terms of Graphic Designing, programming, etc. However, it is not as expensive as it seems.

Using the already available cost-effective Virtual reality devices like Daydream VR and Google Cardboard, you can create the first-hand Virtual Reality experiences customized for your recruitment needs. Without much investment, you can see what works best for you and then shell out more substantial amounts of money in the features that you need.

It is a fact that recruitment needs investment; however, by adapting to the latest technologies and using VR prudently, you can save costs and still create new-age recruitment experiences for your clientele and candidates.

Employment Branding

Virtual Reality can help you create a distinctive brand for your recruitment function and establish the organization as an enterprise, which creates the best candidate experience. Using innovative techniques like VR games for skill-based recruiting to helping candidates interact with the recruiter using VR experiences, you can present an enjoyable and fulfilling experience to the candidate.

With the power of VR, the recruitment companies can create a niche identity that helps both the organizations, candidates, and recruiters. Jaguar, for instance, got together with Gorillaz company to develop skill-based games for recruiting. This helps organizations attain better applications like the British army achieved 66 percent better job applications after they used VR in recruiting.

Adds Fun to Reduce Stress

Virtual reality games for skill-based quantification, office tours, and interactive interviews help the candidates enjoy the dull interview and selection procedures. Job search is an extremely stressful and taxing task for the candidates; they go through multiple searches and are under immense pressure.

The routine interview scenes in the boring boardroom are often severe and stressful. Virtual Reality can help add a fun factor to the recruitment process and help alleviate the candidates from the stress altogether.


To Sum up, Virtual Reality can help add an exciting and fun twist to the otherwise hackneyed selection processes which are stressful. When the world is fast moving to newer technologies, recruiters should also use the immensely innovative techniques to headwind their day to day functions. The new age recruitment companies help you achieve the same.

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