With the recent acceleration in technology change and adoption, the demand for technical skills is growing. However, tech recruiting has become one of the biggest challenges today for recruiters and HR professionals across the world. 86% of tech recruiters who were surveyed by Indeed said that finding and hiring tech talent is the most challenging.

Challenges for Tech Recruiting-

The main reason why recruiters find it hard to hire techies is the shortage of tech talent globally. The currently existing tech talent pool of active job seekers is limited. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, over one million computer science-based jobs will be there alone in the US by 2020 without enough college graduates to fill them.

The statistics for UK and Europe also predict a similar gap. Only 11% of UK employers do not anticipate a shortage of tech talent by 2019, according to research conducted in 2018. European regions such as Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are also reporting the lack of technology resources. Every tech recruiter is facing this challenge. Despite spending hours scanning job boards and LinkedIn profiles, the outcome is disappointing. But, at the same time, they understand that most of the tech talent is the so-called passive candidates (who are not actively looking for a job).

However, when it comes to 2019, here are some of the effective strategies which can help in dealing with this current scenario with tech recruiting.

Align Tech Talent Demands to Your Business Needs

To be successful in finding and hiring the right technology resources, recruiters first must understand what motivates the tech candidates the most. According to the Stack overflow’s global survey, top priorities for tech talent while assessing a new job are the compensation, the benefits offered, and the specific technology that they will work with.

Once recruiters can find out what tech talent wants, they can figure out how to align it with their business needs by offering them the work opportunity in the way they desire.

Target Upcoming Talent

Most of the information technology graduates have the technical skills required by a startup. So one can build professional relationships with top universities and offer internships programs to the graduates. This way, one can track and tap the fresh new talent. Businesses can explore creating spaces to nurture new talent and invest early in technical candidates.

Organizational Culture is The Key

Developing the right and open culture is essential for any organization to attract top tech talent. If any startup can cultivate an engaging work environment that offers challenging work and provide growth opportunities, it is known to appeal to the techies. Despite being a startup, a firm can quickly become an alternative to the larger bureaucratic organizations where they are slow to respond to employee needs.

Make Your Tech Experts Become Your Brand Voice

Word of mouth continues to be a cheap and effective way to bring tech experts. Encourage your tech team to become your strongest ambassadors by sharing their experiences on social media. Further, an incentive-based referral program will motivate your employees to reach out through their personal networks to find suitable tech resources for you. It is better to check internally for referrals before you look to close a position.

Look At The Right Places

As mentioned earlier, most of the technical candidates are passive, which means they most likely wouldn’t be visiting your career site or browsing job boards for job opportunities. You need to find them at the right places such as tech community forums or websites such as Stack Overflow and GitHub. Also, it may be a good idea to attend some tech community events and conferences to share ideas and network with leading tech talent. One can create more opportunities by handshaking with more people out there at such events.


The key to hiring tech talent is to lean into what makes your organization stand out among others by following strategies mentioned above.

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