How COVID19 is Transforming Hiring Patterns

In this anomalous midst of corona 19 pandemic, the entire world is inevitably encountering ambiguity in all the possible areas. The economy is shattering, and the conditions of industries, business, and companies are getting increasingly pessimistic day by day and recruiting is no different as the corona virus takes its toll on the economy which …

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Reasons Why Recruiters Are Using Video Screening

Video screenings are becoming increasingly popular in spotting the talent by the talent acquisition teams & management because of their ability to save time and money involved in traditional practices i.e., in-person interviews. As technology is getting advanced and becoming more accessible, the set of tools available to recruiters is getting larger. With the closure of the entire world and economic breakdown due to Covid, most of the organizations shifted their hiring pattern to virtual mode to keep the process on. The video screenings are not new to the recruitment industry. Previously recruiters used to pose a set of questions and ask job seekers to record their responses in a video which was used by many companies to conduct the screening interviews to determine if an applicant was qualified for a job. Even recruiters don’t …

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