Startups grow exponentially within a short period, and the teams play a pivotal role in the same. Hiring for startups is a bit different and challenging, as here you are probably building a team that is going to drive the organization to growth. Within restricted budgets and higher demands, finding the right candidate for a startup is complex. Here are some essential guidelines you can follow when you are hiring for a startup.

Hire the first 10 candidates very deliberately

Hire the first 10 candidates very deliberately as they will determine the future 100 ones. You want to hire an individual to build up your company and create a workforce that adds value to the overall organizational culture rather than just doing a designated job.

It is so essential for a growing company or a startup to build teams that put forth a legacy of ethics, commitment, and development for the organization.

The cost of a bad hire is massive, and one should find the candidates who do not merely match the require skillset but also exhibit traits of fidelity, ethics, and better team play. It is advisable to hire someone who shows respect for their previous employer and looking for growth rather than a pay hike. As per the list of Top Startups in the UK by LinkedIn, the best companies work towards employee growth and jobseeker interest rather than just filling positions.

Hire for Potential

Startups environment often requires employees to multitask & constantly upskilling themselves. Hiring for potential is essential as you do not want to hire someone who doesn’t want to upskill or does not have the potential to grow. A startup proliferates. If things go well, a person hired for a smaller position can be endowed with higher responsibilities within a short period.

Thus, a startup hiring team must look beyond the educational qualification and grades and seek the true potential in the candidates. It is good to hire someone who has an excellent track record in the field and have a look at their overall portfolio, including their hobbies, extra activities, school, and past job achievements.

Look for all-rounders and not just technical geeks as you try to fill positions in the team.

Finding a Culture Fit for Your Team is Tricky

To be sure that you are hiring the right guy, have all the Co-founders to interview the candidate. Finding someone who can fit in your company culture is must but challenging at the same time. It is thus essential that you tailor your selection process in such a way that you can find a person falling in the pattern of the company culture.

It is indeed good to clarify to the employee about the expectations and the overall behavioral values prevalent in your company.

Learnability & Entrepreneurial Mindset is the Key

Hire someone willing to experiment and take the results to the next level. Any startup grows by leaps and bounds not just by the funding it received but by the hard work and skills its employees put in making it successful.

Unlike big organizations, which have ample resources to train and upskill its employees and use the large resource pool to hire new employees for every unique requirement, startups need to have people who can learn new things. Entrepreneur mindset is essential for startup hires as they need to play multiple roles and don many hats as they take part in the business.

Design a Robust Onboarding Process for Better Candidate Experience

The onboarding process should be seamless and ensure that the right candidate does not lose interest in the organization in the initial phase of hiring due to clumsy methodologies and lousy communication.

As per a survey, more than 82 percent of employee retention is achievable with the right onboarding processes.

So, hiring managers and recruitment providers should look for these traits while getting the right candidates on the job for a startup.

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