7 Essential Skills Every Recruiter Needs to Master

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The recruitment industry is undergoing significant changes with the implementation of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and virtual reality. Many software applications have also come up in the market to automate different functions of the hiring process. Recruiters need to continually upskill themselves and adopt the transformational changes happening in this competitive sector.
In fact, nowadays, the recruiters’ job is no longer confined to administrative recruitment tasks. Instead, they need to fit into a multidisciplinary role that is closely allied with marketing and branding.

There are more jobs available than there are skilled people because of which a war of talent acquisition has been created. Though there are many unskilled ones which need to be filtered out. To thrive in this scarce candidate market, every organization needs to ensure that they have the most skilled and driven recruiters on their side.
Let’s identify the essential skills that modern recruiters should possess to execute their work successfully:

Sales & Marketing Expertise

It’s critical to have good sales and marketing skills to attract the right talent. Recruiters should be able to market and pitch effectively to the top talent on why they should consider your company.
53% of women and 42% of men surveyed in the UK last year indicated that they are more likely to join a reputed company, which offers an excellent work-life balance, according to Glassdoor.
Hence, make sure your recruiters know how to attract the right talent by highlighting the benefits, perks, and opportunities.

Analyse & Leverage Data

Recruiters who are learning data science are becoming vital as most of the companies are now relying on predictive analytics to make their hiring decisions. The recruiter’s ability to collect, analyze and interpret data may enhance the overall talent acquisition strategy for your organization.

Persuasion to turn Passive to Active Candidates

Recruiters need to have the right persuasive skill to turn passive (who are not looking for a job currently) top talent into active candidates. They can do this by telling the candidates appropriately what your company is offering them, including the top benefits that are likely to interest them.
This way, smart recruiters can turn passive candidates into active ones by convincing them based on their interest areas.

Passion, Drive & Effective Communication

Your recruiters need to possess a passion that drives them to recruit the top talent for your organization. They should be able to spark interest like a good salesperson to win over those top candidates which your company is seeking. Along with passion and competitive drive, your recruiters must have strong command on effective communication and relatability factor so that they can appeal to the relevant talent pool.

Relationship Building

The ability to network and build strong relationships is one of the most crucial skills recruiters should have to attract new candidates and clients. It may be a good idea to be in touch with good candidates, whom you couldn’t hire for some reason, to keep them in your talent pipeline. Social media plays an important role that allows recruiters to easily target a large pool of talent and build a candidate community to keep the dialogue on with them.

A positive relationship means you are friendly, dependable, and candidates or clients can trust that you will meet their needs in the hiring process.

Brand Ambassadors

Recruiters being the brand ambassadors of their organization should be able to represent the employer brand properly to attract and retain top candidates and clients both. They should be able to communicate the client key value propositions to the candidates effectively and at the same time, candidates’ strengths to the clients.

Active on Social Media

In today’s world, recruiters need to be thorough with social recruitment as social media plays a vital role in the hiring process. Hence, recruiters need to be active on social platforms to widen their talent pool. They need to create a persona on social platforms so that people should follow them.

Recruiters having these skills can massively benefit your organization. Smart and skilled modern recruiters can play a crucial role in building a reliable team which is essential to form a strong organization.
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