In today’s digital era, the recruitment sphere has evolved significantly. Organisations have initiated the innovative processes of identifying and attracting the prospective candidates ahead of the hiring requisitions. Tech-driven tools are also helping the recruiters to automate the complex hiring processes and streamlining the recruitment function as a whole.

However, at the same time, the recruitment marketplace has become very competitive due to the talent gap and candidate-driven landscape. Hence, recruiters have to adjust their strategies as per the latest recruitment trends to stay ahead.

Work-life balance, salary, and other benefits are some of the factors that organisations always use to attract potential candidates. Utilizing technology to enhance employer branding is one of the most important change that has taken place in the recruitment process.

The digital age is bringing relevant ways to help recruitment providers to grow their business. Let’s explore four such ways in detail:

AI-based Platforms: Automated screening, chatbots for communication, application tracking system, talent pool management of passive job seekers, and candidate relationship management are some of the recruitment platforms where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a vital role. Using these platforms, you can automate the tedious and complex tasks and optimize the recruitment business.

Contextually, screening resumes through software reduces the lead time significantly. AI learns to identify the best candidate through the existing hiring process and hence makes it more accurate.

As per a recent survey by Korn Ferry, 63% of the hiring professionals believe that Artificial intelligence has changed the way the recruitment process is conducted in every organization.

Application Tracking Systems (ATS): ATS provides a software system that runs the entire hiring process online. ATS not only cuts down the sourcing time considerably, but it also improves the overall turn around time of the recruitment process.

However, it is extremely important to concentrate on the candidate experience while building a system. A simple application system not only provides a good impression to the candidate but also improves the overall lead time required to complete the recruitment process online, making it a win-win situation to both the parties involved.

A well designed recruiting system helps to analyse performance and create a benchmark.  Centralised data management enables organisations in succession planning, thereby removing any challenges that may arise in recruiting the right talent in the future. 

Building a Personal Brand: In today’s time, it’s essential to position your brand as a thought leader in your niche. For that, it becomes imperative to have a social presence along with a comprehensive web portal for your hiring venture.

To showcase your domain expertise, leverage your online presence by way of doing social media marketing in a professional manner.

Social media and platforms like Glassdoor provide an excellent opportunity for the organisations to focus on promoting their brand to the top talent.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM):  Managing a good relationship with the existing and potential future candidate is an excellent recruiting strategy. Using an automated communication system to engage the candidates and improving the candidate experience is all made possible by CRM software’s.

Smashfly, Yello, and Talemetry are some of the top trending CRM tools that enable organisations to maintain relationships with the top talents.

To Wrap Up

By adopting these digital techniques, you can certainly look to skyrocket your hiring business. However, recruiters have to ensure that apart from optimizing their complex hiring processes, they also need to keep enhancing their engagement with candidates to attract the top talent.

If you are looking to leverage the modern techniques for your staffing needs to attract top talent, then contact us for the same.

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