How AI is Impacting Candidate Experience

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As candidate-driven job markets become more prevalent, delivering an exceptional candidate experience has become a necessity. AI has simplified the recruitment process after its advent and made the process easier to create a positive impression on a candidate. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a staple across the recruitment process, including initial discovery, sourcing, resume review, and even the presentation of job offers. Employers can use AI to understand their existing candidate pools in new ways, including their diversity, engagement, and frequency of interaction. This may also be used to extend job postings to new audiences, including people who aren’t actively searching for employment but may be interested in a specific opportunity which can also be used to help candidates understand their options, including the hiring processes of specific employers. Allowing candidates to track their applications and view their own engagement and interaction with the hiring process will help reduce the feelings of uncertainty and confusion that often lead to drop-off during the final stages of the process. AI can even be used to generate personalized insights for candidates and suggest the next steps for the application process.

An AI-based application process can provide more clarity

In a study of candidate experience, 73% of candidates report that the job search process is one of their most stressful experiences. Positive candidate experiences can increase companies’ chances of attracting top candidates. Too complicated applications often result in candidates giving up in the middle. The process of filling out the job application can also lead to this due to unclear instructions given by the employer. As a result, candidates will rate this negatively. Zippia reports that 92 percent of candidates will rate their application experience negatively if instructions are unclear. This is where AI can make a huge difference to create an impact by introducing AI-based application process to make the candidate experience interactive, better and positive.

The benefits of AI for candidates

An employer’s candidate experience refers to what a job seeker perceives about them during the entire recruitment process. The experience shapes candidates’ expectations of future interactions with the employer. Candidates don’t want to feel like a number; they want to be treated as an individual with specific needs and goals. Employers that keep these factors in mind when building their recruitment process will significantly increase their return on investment (ROI).
It’s here where artificial intelligence comes into play: AI recruitment is the Amazon of candidate experiences: rapid, effective, and highly personalized. Generally, AI is associated with black box technology or some sort of futuristic wish. Advanced tech has been used for talent management pipelines by major corporations for years. The best and brightest candidates are now found using AI recruitment at IBM, KPMG, and Disney. It is imperative to tailor talent acquisition to what these candidates are looking for.

Candidates’ interactions are streamlined

Nowadays, hiring managers place a great deal of importance on streamlined candidate interactions. The majority of recruiters use different communication methods such as email, text, etc., to ensure highly effective candidate interactions. With current hiring trends in mind, it is evident that staffing agencies worldwide are increasingly investing in recruitment chatbots. AI-powered recruiting chatbots leverage intricate algorithms that can be scrutinized to determine whether ongoing interaction with candidates is effective. It allows employers to engage in meaningful conversations with prospective candidates who are most likely to land the job in the future, thereby enhancing the candidate experience. Additionally, recruitment chatbots can automatically respond to applicants’ queries based on their choice of words during the conversation. Most importantly, chatbots powered by AI constantly learn from past interactions with candidates, so they can provide more effective solutions to individuals over time.

Candidate feedback can be personalized with AI

For every vacancy, you receive an overwhelming number of applications. Each candidate cannot receive personalized feedback, it is undeniable. Let’s take a look at it from their perspective once again. They should be aware of their shortcomings even if they do not get selected. There is no reason they shouldn’t know why they weren’t selected. As a result, candidate feedback is important from their perspective.

Here’s where artificial intelligence can come in handy again! Integrating AI allows you to provide personalized experiences individually, helping them achieve their career goals. The feedback that is honest and constructive will be welcomed by genuine candidates. It has been reported that companies that take the time to develop a positive candidate hiring experience improve the quality of their hiring by 70%.

Final words

AI is taking over in the recruitment world & the field of this advanced intelligence is moving in pace as it is helping companies do things that were once tedious, time-consuming and expensive. The bottom line is that employers must ensure that the candidate experience includes elements of automation and AI, at least in the final stages of the hiring process.
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