Adaptability & Learning are Crucial to Growth–Here’s How to Master Them

Darwin's famous quote still holds true, "it isn't the strongest or the smartest species that lives, it is the one that adapts the best."

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The ability to adapt and learn is crucial to an employee’s growth. Success is dependent on the ability to take on these challenges, whether it’s a new project, a new strategy, or a new job.

The world of business is no longer just about what you know. Additionally, it is about how you adapt to change and how you can learn from those changes as well as those around you. Companies that create a culture of adaptability and learning will survive in the future much better.

Not to mention that adaptability is one of those skills that you must possess. The ability to adapt is considered a soft skill. Most companies are looking for people who can work seamlessly, make sound decisions, and respond quickly to change.

Darwin’s famous quote still holds true, “it isn’t the strongest or the smartest species that lives, it is the one that adapts the best.” Employers are seeking employees with the ability to adapt to change, which is one of the top “human skills” they look for. In the past, employers did not emphasize these skills as much but have now realized that hard skills aren’t sufficient. Communication, negotiation, interacting with other employees, and the ability to think critically and creatively are all essential skills that people need to have.

The ability to adapt may not be something we possess naturally, but anybody can develop it over time. Adaptability comes from being able to adjust our expectations as the winds of change blow.

Employees and employers learned during COVID 19 that the key to success is adaptability, and only those organizations that survived and thrive today that made the necessary changes as per the trend and developed reskilling and upskilling programs in their organizations for their employees and themselves.

According to LinkedIn’s recently published survey, the focus this year and after will be on adaptability. To meet the business’s changing needs, recruiters will have to acquire new skills, from managing slow hiring to aligning with ever-shifting business priorities. The one constant for recruiters will be their ability to adapt.   

Upgrade your skills by:

1) Learning new skills,

2) Sharing knowledge with others,

3) Introducing new ideas and technology.

Factors contributing to adaptability :

So what does it take to be adaptable? Actually, soft skills are needed to help you hone these skills. When it comes to becoming a quick learner, which can adapt to any situation, you should practice these skills: 

Here’s how to master them:

  • Transform your thinking

Putting aside the “We’ve always done it this way” mentality. Embrace change and use it as an opportunity to learn, improve, and grow, instead of being fearful and intimidated by it. The way you approach change will determine your level of creativity. In addition, being open to other perspectives also means being open to other people’s ideas and opinions.

  • Put yourself in a risk-taking position

Risk is a necessary component of progress. Adaptability requires taking risks, which for some is so uncomfortable that they will avoid it as much as possible. As part of team meetings, talk about risk-taking as a way to increase comfort and serve as a system of support.

  • Embrace an open-minded attitude

Open minds are developed by encouraging others to do the same. You are thus encouraged to remain open-minded as a result of this new environment. Additionally, it facilitates shutting down closed-minded thinking, such as stating “Well, that’s how we’ve always done it.”.

  • Be a lifelong learner

Adaptable people tend to be curious and stay current, according to the Forbes article. So you need to learn in order to be adaptable. Attend seminars where you can learn about how to cut costs while maintaining efficiency and quality, explore process improvement, connect with colleagues who share this vision, read what they write, etc.

The benefits of adaptability

Being flexible and adaptable has many benefits. Just know that there are lots of benefits to be gained if you are at that point in life when adaptability becomes necessary. There will be challenges at first, but patience and practice will make all the difference.

  • You will be more valuable at work:
    Today, adaptability is the watchword for doing business. It, therefore, follows that you, as an employee, must also have the flexibility to adapt.

Adaptability enables you to accept new ideas, challenges the status quo, and gives you the ability to reject conventions. People who are adaptable don’t fear change as they plan beforehand how they will handle it.

There is an increasing emphasis on adaptability amongst employees in many organizations, and this trend will certainly continue into the future. In this ongoing viral pandemic, 91% of HR experts believe that a candidate’s ability to adapt will be the most important criterion for recruitment. You should start sharpening your adaptability skills now if you want to excel in the job market by then. In an environment that is constantly changing, this ensures you remain marketable.

  • Leaders must be able to adapt:
    As a leader, you cannot afford to lack adaptability. Leaders who are flexible earn the respect of their colleagues and motivate those they lead to embracing change, allowing the business to run smoothly.

Responding quickly to these threats when they arise is one way for organizations to survive this threat. For companies to survive turbulent times, they need adaptive leadership.”

In times of change, leaders need to be decisive to implement change. Failure to make a quick decision can lead to the failure of their organization.


There is always growth that can be achieved by adapting to it. Growth is not only in the physical form but also in the mindset of the individual. There are always things that can be improved and mastered, so it’s important to keep learning since, with this, change will always happen.

Adaptability and learning are two of the most essential things that help in growing as an individual. For anyone to grow or do well, it is crucial that they master these two qualities.

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