Poland- The New Silicon Valley of Europe

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Poland, authoritatively known as the Republic of Poland, is a Central European country with a topographical space of 312,696 square kilometers and a populace of more than 38 million, is the 5th most populous member of the European Union.

Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland & also the country’s administrative, cultural, and economic hub. Poland is encircled by seven nations: Germany to the west, the Czech Republic toward the southwest, Slovakia in the south, Ukraine to the southeast, Belarus toward the east, and Lithuania and Russia in the northeast.

With the most favorite travel destination for the travelers, in recent years, Poland has also become a global game-changing power play destination – this is where the industry & business goliaths are investing, start-ups are venturing & the best global high-tech companies have their headquarters and development centers here which is booming labor & workforce market.

US tech Giant Google invested nearly $2.0 billion (1.7 billion euros) in New cloud data, Microsoft announced last year that it would invest one billion dollars in Poland to expand its operations, including the creation of a new regional cloud-computing data hub. Google and Microsoft are among the global leaders in providing cloud services — an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

As per panasiuk, It is worth focusing on the measure of capital invested, for instance, by American organizations in Poland, USD 62.7 billion is contributed in new technologies (from cloud solutions, systems including CRM supporting e-commerce, online entertainment products, cybersecurity, AI, IoT and blockchain, by nanotechnologies, bioTech, bioMed, to process automation solutions).

Globally, people have realized the importance of technology amidst covid when the whole world shifted work from office to work from home and started using digital apps and technology widely. Here the digitalization graduated higher than ever of impact and potential; virtual administrations have progressively become a lifestyle for us in the advanced age, with the current scenario of just escalating the solutions.

With the pandemic proceeding to prove a challenge, Poland’s tech sector has actually managed the circumstance moderately well. The country was one of the first to identify an opportunity in the pandemic by further intensifying the development of remote tech solutions.

Poland has become the fertile soil for technological innovation & advancements. The economic growth the country has experienced turned it into one of the most attractive Central European job markets because of the Exceptionally qualified staff and favorable economic conditions attracted numerous international companies, startups to open their headquarters in Poland & young professionals & students to work & study here in the tech sector.

Poland is turning into an undeniably mainstream study destination. There are more than 29,000 international students in Poland coming from more than 140 countries with more than 500 universities. Nine of them are featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2018. Places like Warsaw University of TechnologyJagiellonian UniversityUniversity of Gdańsk are well-respected in the academic and scientific world and  The University of Warsaw is currently ranked 6th in the EECA ranking, and its Computer Science Faculty is one of the most prestigious ones.

As per World Bank report, Poland was recognized as one of the most startup-friendly ecosystems across the globe, ranking higher than established hubs such as Australia and Great Britain.

According to the National Science Foundation, Polish developers also have a strong educational background. 43% of people in Poland in the age of 25–34 have university degrees in technology and development with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Even comparative with the most evolved nations, Polish GDP demonstrates by far the most outstanding growth

Also as per the recent survey, Poland houses one of the biggest tech talent pools in Eastern Europe, and worldwide big billionaire companies are leveraging this by opening their R&D centres, manufacturing units etc. Harvard’s Business Review ranked Poland 5th among the most tech-skilled labor markets in the world.

According to ABSL, an average salary in Poland rises to around €830 each month, while programming and IT engineers, developers ‘ pay rates can be 3-to-multiple times higher. Therefore, students and professionals interested in software programme development is inclining & expanding the overall tech ability pool in Poland.  

As per the State of European Tech report, there are roughly 6.1 million professional developers in Europe, yet many are not getting the same tech privilege as those in Poland.  And also to add on, compensation in Poland is multiple times lower than in Western Europe and its developers are a lot cheaper than ones from the UK, US, Germany or Sweden. Easily available highly qualified staff means that many investors perceive Poland as the best location for their production projects with excellent skill sets.

According to HackerRank Poland ranks 3rd in the list of developers.

In recent years, Poland has become a territorial leader of the CEE and the rising star in IT outsourcing and the demand for tech talent has continued to rise. Currently;

  • Java Developer
  • Mobile developers
  • Azure DevOps
  • Genetic/cloud engineers
  • Cybersecurity Specialists
  • data scientist,
  • AI & Machine learning
  • Programmers
  • Analysts
  • Pharmacists
  • Recruiters

are the hottest skills and companies are doing combating to get the best capable ability and also as per Morgan Philips these above tech jobs will continue to dominate.

The future of Poland as a hub for technological advancement is healthy, as it now has a robust framework which is able to support itself. Therefore, it can be clearly stated that has an excellent shot at turning into European Silicon Valley in the coming future.

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