3 Things to Consider While Searching for Job in 2021

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With the new beginning of the year & with less impact of COVID in 2021, companies are moving back to normal by reopening the offices and hiring process. Last year due to COVID impact, the entire world inevitably encountered ambiguity in all the possible sectors. The economy collapsed, and the outlook for the industries and businesses became pessimistic, leading to job losses around the world. According to the survey by United Nations, millions were unemployed and there was 10.7 percent employment drop (equivalent to 305 million jobs) from April to June 2020 due to COVID19 impact.

Given below are the stats of number of unemployed persons worldwide from 2010 to 2019 and projections until 2023(in millions)
Image Source: Statista.com
The above statistic shows the number of unemployed persons worldwide from 2010 to 2019 and projections until 2023. According to Statista, the unemployment till 2023 will hit 199.8, and there will be around 200 million people jobless all around.
But after the unpleasant year of job loss and depression, businesses are picking up slowly and giving candidates the optimism to chase their dreams. With the reopening of the economy, people have started looking out for the new opportunities as well, considering the options of remote jobs.
Given below are the top three things to consider while searching job in 2021:

  • Video Screenings are the New Normal:

Video screenings are becoming increasingly popular in spotting talent acquisition teams & management talent because it helps save time and money involved in traditional practices, i.e., in-person interviews. With the closure of the entire world and economic breakdown due to Covid, most organizations shifted their hiring pattern to virtual mode to keep the process on. The video screenings are not new to the recruitment industry. Previously recruiters used to pose questions and ask job seekers to record their responses in a video used by many companies to conduct the screening interviews to determine if an applicant was qualified for a job. This will be the new normal and will continue in practice, so one should have to learn their video interviewing skills. The key points are that the first impression will not be your looks but only based on your skills and confidence, which will be the major challenge for the applicants in real-time video screenings. One should have to be prepared in advance with a good camera and internet connectivity to give interviews. There are many good tips are doing few rehearsals in advance so that you can give results.

  • Considering the Job before applying:

In the reskilling and upskilling era, it’s essential for an applicant to consider before looking for the job this year. companies are in the reskilling process of teaching their employees & new joinees the latest and upcoming skills that may allow them to keep up with the changing trends at the workplace and shoulder advanced job responsibilities to promote employee retention, eliminate the cost of new hires and outperform to the new blueprint for operations. Companies are coming back to track but plan to give add-on responsibilities, so be ready for that and upskill your capabilities. Companies consider those who did upgraded themselves by learning advanced courses and certificates to enhance their profile during the lockdown, and job loss period. Giving serious thought to the job before applying will be the best decision to improve job satisfaction and mental health because any job should allow the opportunity to grow in the subject-matter expertise or other areas of skills for professional credibility and visibility.

But also Don’t Let a Lack of Experience Stop You:

While going through job descriptions of job postings, give a thought on each point and never underestimate yourself because of the experience required.  As per the TopResume survey, adaptability, flexibility, communication, problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, and time management are the majorly required skills other than experience mentioned in JD.

  • Creating/Updating LinkedIn Profile is the key to success:
LinkedIn is like the online profile of job seekers which have 722+ million users globally. (FoundationINC) of those using the platform monthly, up to 40% are accessing it daily. If that is the case, that over 100 million professionals are using LinkedIn every single day. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the hubspot for every job seekers and hiring managers looking for talents. Having a good updated LinkedIn profile with a profile picture has the highest chances of getting viewed by the professionals & also getting the job. According to the Foundation INC, LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views and 36x more messages. LinkedIn has been a boon for many job seekers who lost their job in the pandemic, and simply updating for job requests also helped many applicants get the job with the help of social media.  So engaging & keeping everything on Track in LinkedIn is definitely helping everyone in this year 2021.

With the millions still sitting and waiting to get the job in the positive year of 2021, it’s not an easy task because it requires dedication along with patience.  But in the meanwhile why don’t you check here (iXceed job opening Page which has more than 300 jobs listed)  , maybe you find the right job.
What’s your thought or experience on finding job in this year 2021? Leave your comments. We would love to read.

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