Why 90 % of Companies Use a Recruitment Partner for their Needs?

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Recruitments needs of every organization are different, and to fulfill the diverse hiring parameters seamlessly; highly efficient methodologies are needed. Recruitment organizations  are specialized in providing recruitment services that effectively decrease cost and provide quicker results.

Staffing providers in America hire more than 17 million employees in a year; this shows the amount of workforce they  are providing. Whereas, recruitment organizations in the UK hired around 1,15,000 people last year, contributing to £35.7 billion UK recruitment industry turnover.

The recruitment organizations  have the expertise, processes, and mechanism to provide you the best services tailor-made for all kinds of needs.

Here we have outlined some of the reasons why 90% of the organisations partner with a reputable recruitment company

Better Hiring Rate through their Expertise

Recruitment companies have the right kind of specialization in recruitment services. They certainly have the latest tools and methodologies needed to hire the correct type of candidate for any vertical or industry.

The most successful recruitment organizations  are aware of the needs of the hiring companies as they have a diverse spectrum of services for all sectors. Additionally, some professional staffing companies do offer a free replacement for a certain period after hire on their resources.

Provides Flexibility with Diverse Talent Pool

You can rely on the recruitment organizations  to provide the resources as per your need without much hassle. They have a network of skilled professionals who are available for a variety of assignments from time to time. So just in case you need someone at short notice to fill up a prominent position, the right recruitment  services provider can get you an excellent talent.

These recruitment organizations  create a pool of skilled and knowledgeable candidates in every domain and skillset who can fill up short term jobs or contract basis quickly. 

Saves Your Time and Money

Recruitment Organizations  help organizations save money by cutting down the expenses on the recruitment process. These companies have specialization in recruitment processes that benefit their clients to save money spent on advertising a job position or testing and screening candidates. They have accurate cost estimations like cost per hire, etc. which helps in the budget the hiring prudently.

Further, the recruitment companies  help organizations reduce their time to hire considerably. Most hiring companies  already have shortlisted profiles and created a talent pool that they can readily access to provide skilled candidates for an open position.

According to the Jobvite Recruiting Benchmark report, the average time to hire for any job is around 38 days, which your recruitment partner can help you to achieve. 90% of the companies are using the recruitment organizations  for hiring the candidates because these organizations  provide the most appropriate candidate in the shortest period.

Huge Network of Professionals

The HR department of any organization has limited staff, and the HR personnel has contacts within a limited scope. Moreover, they are involved in other processes and tasks within the company, like managing workforce performance, addressing day-to-day issues.

Recruitment is not the only functional area of the HR department. Thus their scope is definitely lesser than a specialized recruitment organization . The recruitment organizations have a more extensive network of professionals in various industries. They can reach a more significant number of candidates and thus provide the best talent on-board. 

Recruitment: Their Core Expertise and Offering

The recruitment companies are dealing with recruitment as their core line of business, so they have processes, staff, and strategies built around the same. They have expertise in identifying the correct candidates efficiently in various industries and thoroughly understand the myriad hiring needs of their clients. Hence, they have the right kind of solutions to handle any kind of roles.


The most successful organizations today are choosing to partner with a professional recruitment company to cater to their hiring needs as there are proven advantages, as mentioned in this article.

You can reach out to us in case you are looking for a recruitment  partner for your hiring needs.

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