Top 6 Benefits of Recruitment Chatbots

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Recruitment is a complex process that entails a lot of analysis and scrutiny. As technological advancements continue to impact the process, recruiters are adopting the newest methods for easing the tasks at hand.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruitment chatbots and assistants guide the potential candidates quickly through application functions. They match the opportunities and talent fast to give better results. The ability to answer queries in NLP makes the conversation closer to human interaction.

The AI chatbots get smarter with time, and through their capability of machine learning, they understand the requirements of the recruiters. The need is to incorporate the chatbots robustly.

Looking at some stats, L’Oréal, the cosmetics giant streamlined its hiring using AI. They get over 2 million applicants each year. Using AI recruitment chatbots, the organization is looking to fill another 5000 positions.

Let’s take a look at the top six benefits of chatbots in recruitment:

Screen Candidates and Assess their Potential

Recruitment Chatbots are like an HR assistant that provides helps in the initial phase of recruitment. Most of the job is conversations and interaction with candidates entailing preliminary recruitment functions.

These AI chatbots help the recruiters to depend on its NLP capabilities to commendably perform the initial recruitment functions and then shortlist the right candidates. The AI chatbots gain knowledge of the screening through thousands of use cases and increase capabilities that can bring breakthrough results.

According to survey by Allegis, around 58 per cent of candidates felt comfortable while recruitment with AI Chatbots.

Chatbots ask several questions to the candidates like interest areas, qualification and experience. Once this conversation is made, the bots match the candidate’s skills with the required position.

Help Quickly Schedule Interviews

The chatbots are intelligent enough to schedule the interviews with potential candidates using their calendars. The Bots ease the task of the recruiter to plan interviews on agreed date and time. HR recruiters can save a lot of effort on this simple yet time-consuming task of co-ordination.

Promptly Answer User Queries and Provide Instant Solutions

AI recruitment chatbots have gained enough knowledge to handle queries and answering relevantly. The smart AI bots ease the task of the recruiter to revert to questions put by the potential candidates continuously.

The new hires and candidates want to know something about the position and company. AI chatbots can give the information readily. Data like Salary, incentives, job requirement etc. can be shared via chatbots easily, they can answer queries instantly and with ease.

Help Manage Employee Referrals Effectively

Using AI, you can automate the referral process wherein the chatbots can screen the credentials instantly to check if referrals match the roles and responsibility of the position.

Chatbots can further communicate with the employee seeking more details. Also, the AI chatbots can provide the hiring manager with a review of candidates and help them decide which one to hire.

Keep Talent Pool Engrossed and Engaged with Less Effort

Your talent pool needs to be engaged and diverse. AI chatbots help you interact with the pool and keep them updated with the latest happening within the organization.

The bots are evolving with time. The newest processes help manage the talent pool, which is the backbone of the business. The real-time, intelligent systems and virtual assistants engross the candidates in the talent pool. AI bots can make your regular interaction more consistent.

Enhance Candidate Experience

The role of chatbots in recruitment is crucial. They enhance the candidate experience by engrossing them with just-in-time, instant communication. The way a candidate feels during an organizations recruitment cycle makes a huge difference.

A candidate may drop the potential offer just in case they have a bad experience during the recruitment process. The new age recruitment strategy needs to be a candidate- focused.

The response to queries should be fast and detailed. The applicants and the hirers both can benefit from the instantaneous and prompt responsiveness of the chatbots. Overall, the user experience is enhanced by using AI recruitment chatbots.

To Wrap Up

In recent times, a lot of companies are using chatbots in recruitment for enhanced user experience. Artificial Intelligence, coupled with human expertise and supervision, can provide the best results. Hence, chatbots have great potential when it comes to recruiting.

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