Top 5 Recruitment Challenges to Tackle in 2020

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As you embrace the beginning of a new decade, it is critical to understand that the Recruitment industry is expected to experience new challenges. Preparing yourself in advance is always a good idea to tackle some known and some unknown problems.

Recent research by TalentLyft has identified some of the significant challenges, which businesses should be aware of and prepared to face it.

Here we have addressed the top five recruitment challenges and what needs to be done to tackle them.

  1. Attracting the Right Job Candidates

The skills, attitude, and mindset of employees play a vital role in defining the success of an organization. Achievement of company’s objectives become easier when talented and motivated people are on board working together as a team. Recruiting the right people is as crucial as managing finances and generating sales.  

Attracting the right candidates towards your organization, though, is not an easy task. Certain factors, if understood appropriately, may help you attract and recruit the best people in the market.

Review your company’s approach

Recruiting new candidates means you are trying to attract the best resources from another company. And no company would want to lose out on such employees. To make sure this is not happening, always review whether staff in your company is happy, you are rewarding and promoting them properly.

Clearly define the job role

It is very vital to be clear what you are looking for and also what you will be offering. A recruitment scenario in the past few years has seen that job-seekers want to work with companies that offer them growth opportunities at present and also in the future. The need is to advertise the job description well enough to attract candidates of high caliber.

Fine-tune the interview process

Having a team of quality interviewers is equally essential. Many companies ignore this aspect. Ambitious and Confident candidates know their potential. They know they can attract multiple job opportunities around the same time. So as an organization, you should be putting your best people in front of such candidates.

  • Lack of Qualified Candidates

Recruiters have a huge responsibility of finding the appropriate candidate as per the required job description. On many occasions, they find this task challenging because they interview candidates based on certain perceptions. For instance, many recruiters limit themselves and only give preference to the candidate’s past experience. By doing this, they are probably ignoring other attributes like their communication style, motivation level, etc. Often, further assessments have proved that a particular candidate has matched the job requirement despite some shortcomings in their profile.

Hiring managers might just be able to tackle this challenge if they start looking at distinctive abilities such as candidate’s readiness to learn new things, flexibility to adapt within a new industry, etc.

  • Building a Strong Employer Brand

A study by LinkedIn has revealed that about 52% of professionals in the UK get inclined towards an organization’s purpose when deciding on a job offer. This is even more when we talk about job-seekers between the age of 16 to 24. It becomes extremely important that businesses stand out among their competitors.

Establishing the brand value of the company is one of the most powerful recruitment tools. The challenge, though, is how to build a strong brand. The following strategies can help:

  • Communicating precisely how joining your company can boost employees’ career
  • Highlight what all project-based and training-based opportunities are available to the employees
  • Lay down growth hierarchy that employees are looking forward to
  • Study the job market well and establish competitive salary structures
  • Promote every small and significant perk like health benefits, leave flexibilities, gym memberships, etc.
  • Strengthen online branding tactics like the use of social media to interact with potential candidates
  • Engaging employees to share feedback periodically
  • Targeting Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are the ones who are currently not actively looking for job opportunities but may consider grabbing one if they come across something beyond their expectations. So the challenge here is how you can extend your search beyond job boards to hire a passive candidate.

Keeping a record of previously applied candidates is a very effective practice. This allows you to reach out to potential candidates who may not have fitted into a particular requirement in the past. Having an employee referral program in place has always been and will always remain a cost-effective strategy. Posting job openings on social media pages is also beneficial to stay connected to passive candidates.

  • Outdated recruitment software such as ATS

You are being introduced to new technology with every passing day. And with every innovation, you look forward to making life simpler and faster. Would you want your business to lag behind just because you did not keep pace with the updated technology? Your hiring process also needs technological overhaul so that you do not miss out on employing great talent.

Recruitment software such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has proven to be an excellent tool for the hiring process in the past. But you need to understand that this software is no longer considered intelligent enough to scrutinize resumes and applications of potential candidates.

The application process needs to be simplified and at the same time, solve your purpose. It should be integrated with various social media platforms and should be able to perform regular updates to remain in sync with the rapidly changing technology and market scenario.

To Conclude

It is vital to keep a proactive approach in the ever-changing market dynamics. You can expect challenges beyond the ones discussed above in the new decade. So keeping a reactive approach would just not be enough to tackle these challenges.

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