Top 4 Reasons Why Recruiters Must Use Candidate Experience Surveys

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Human resources are the greatest asset for a firm. Unarguably, this statement holds true for almost every organization. Companies are in search of the best of human resources, and the first step to this is building and maintaining a good pipeline of individuals that are in-line for the interviews. For enticing and engaging the maximum number of quality human resources, it is imperative to keep a few factors in control.

The candidate’s experience in recruitment, which forms the perception of the company is one major factor that plays a role in getting valuable talent. In order to continually improve the recruitment process, using candidate experience surveys is a must.

Continue reading to know about the top 4 reasons why recruiters must use candidate experience surveys.

Provides Insights about your Brand Awareness

The perception of a company as a brand in the minds of others plays a vital role in determining the continued growth and success of the company. Candidate experience surveys can be smartly used to understand the brand awareness of your company. Here are a few questions you can add in your candidate experience surveys.

 From whom/where did the candidate hear about the on-going hiring at your organisation?

 Was the candidate aware of your company before applying for the role?

 What is the factor or factors that most attracted the candidate to apply to your company for this role?

Serves as a Feedback for the Interviewer

Recruitment candidate experience acts as valuable material to coach hiring and recruiting team and aids them to refine the recruitment process. Most importantly, it can be used to eliminate the issues that the potential candidates faced during the interview.

Candidates give significant weightage to this experience while deciding whether to accept a job offer or not. Going by the statistics, 63% of candidates seeking jobs, likely rejected a job offer because of having a bad interview experience.

Here is what you can include-

 Did the interview applicant feel comfortable?

 Did the interview start on time?

 Did the interviewers seem prepared?

 Did the interview help increase the candidate’s excitement for the said role?

Indicates the effectiveness of your hiring process

This is often neglected, but a candidate, whether hired or rejected, can leave a disastrous impact by letting others know about his/her recruitment experience. This may lead to less number of interview applications coming in the future.

As per research, bad candidate experience cost Virgin Media $5 Million annually. Additionally, a dissatisfied candidate may choose to boycott the products or services your company offers, which isn’t desirable at all. To keep such issues under control, these are a few questions you can add to an experience survey for candidates.

 Was the recruitment team professional and organized to work with?

 Were you provided with clear and concrete information about the organization and what it would be like to work here?

 Was the communication process throughout the recruitment consistent?

 Did the entire recruitment process give the candidate useful insights into the company’s values and culture?

Perception of the Company’s Culture

The company’s culture plays a vital role for a candidate to accept or reject the offer. Candidates want to work for a company that has a good culture which matches or is close to their expectations.

As a consequence, to attract good candidates, knowing about how the company’s culture is perceived by others is vital. This helps provide insights that can be further utilized for improving the company’s culture. These are a few questions you can add to know about the candidate’s perception of the company’s culture.

 Does the company’s culture give you good professional vibes?

 As per the candidate’s experience, does the company look like a place where they’d love to be a part of?

 Would the candidate encourage other persons to apply to your company?

Conducting candidate experience surveys is a great way to gauge the perception of the company, among others. Additionally, conducting the surveys makes the candidate feel that their opinion and experience is valued, which is likely to improve their perception of the company. Further, the insights from the survey can be used to make informed and data-driven decisions about managing your company’s hiring procedures effectively.

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