Organic vs Inorganic Marketing on New Media

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Marketing is an activity which every company performs to promote the brand in order to increase the image of its product & services. Marketing usually covers different activities like advertising, creating pull force to attract customers.

Companies hire professionals who work in the marketing department who promote the product or service and seek the attention of the target and potential audiences, customers & clients through advertising. Advertising campaigns are set and created to target the certain audiences and different strategies are made via different advertising mediums, catchy USP, slogans, attractive packaging, specifications, posters and media exposure on various media platforms.

Marketing department have to research, find, lure & persuade the clients and companies who are looking for the type of product and services they perform and they try to provide end to end solutions for the same to those companies via different marketing strategies and activities.

Even there are different Marketing & advertising agencies who undertake the turnkey project from the companies to give them the best marketing solutions to promote the customer’s services.

But with the advent of the New media, wandering field to field for clients, searching-researching leads for the business, spending hours calling clients for appointments for the business pitch are just gone.

Digital Marketing came as a boon in the digital world & made the marketing easier to reach the consumers via internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines and different other channels with the help of two specialized type of marketing i.e. Organic Marketing and Inorganic Marketing.

Source: BPS IT & Web Services

Let’s discuss in detail about this two type of marketing which plays very important role in Digital Marketing Services.

Organic Marketing:

Organic Marketing are basically free type of marketing where nothing is paid for the promotions and only creative strategies are used to attract the audience which are already in your list. In this, Social Media business page creates attractive blogs, photo creatives, podcasts, videos about their product & services to engage the existing audience to attain for future business objectives.

Though making an online presence is bit tricky organically these days as social media changes quickly. The algorithm and the layouts keep updating so sometimes it becomes difficult to approach or sustain the existing customers too.

Many evidences proved that organic exposure is limited in all top social media platforms and only can be seen in the followers news feeds.

But also some studies shows that if the business page is strategic with the posts and have patience ,organic marketing can be more authentic and trust worthy over inorganic posts despite of fewer reach, it’s more effective with the time in comparison to the boosted & artificial posts which is limited & shot in period.

In organic marketing, the mindful & creative techniques are involved to get maximum reach across different new media channels which generates traffic & reach without paying any amount for ads to any platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc to get likes and visibilities on the page or post through free strategies like using hashtags in the post, story update, live feeds, email marketing, direct messages. Even the free media i.e. Mouth to mouth advertising plays significant role in getting reach & visibilities like reviews, feedbacks, testimonials from the followers and existing customers on the website and social media page attracts new customers.

In organic marketing, your regular posts on social media platforms, your website updates gradually take you to the google search engine where if anyone finds your product or the name your company may be shown in the search list or recommendation list.

While writing blog or updating it on any platform using relevant hashtags, keywords gets the faster result organically. Even how unique your content or company name is, that also decides the google search list recommendations and maybe you will be in top10 search list if the moderations, optimizations, metadata etc are used properly.

According to the Impact Plus & Social fresh 33% of clicks from organic search results go to the first priority list of the Google.

Even the credibility of the product and service of the company grows stronger with the time as the content availability will be much larger in amount on internet so the new customers or clients can see the time on internet and decides whether to choose the service or not.

Online identity plays very important role in gaining customers and trust and that happens with the time and hence if customers decides to enquire about the product after going through any of the post online then that will change in business for sure if the presence can be seen everywhere.

Inorganic Marketing:

Inorganic marketing is artificially a paid marketing post where the business invest money to get the maximum visibility online. These marketing specifically target micro audience according to the interests of their brand, It’s actually an opposite of organic marketing where the chance of getting reach is high & guaranteed. Here also same strategies are needed like organic marketing but the results are high and productive.

The video creative, blogs, photo creative, podcasts, etc are created related to the product & services and posted on social media platforms to engage with the audience but here’s the twist is, the business can decide their target audience and create an online campaign to attract new customers who maybe interested in the product. The post is boosted & sponsored after paying to the platforms and these platforms now work as a digital marketing agents for the business and help generating new leads, clients, customers, audience according to the selected gender, age group, interests, country etc. These posts are targeted via varieties of factors depending on the industry.

In paid marketing, the different users who are not known to your product and services can also see your post & express the interest as you decided to target the customers inorganically which leads to enquiry or purchase the product or services.

According to the Facebook research, there are more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook pages to promote their business and connect with their customers and according to Forbes around 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook

These days E-commerce businesses usually does this and variety of products can be seen on social media platforms which are unknown to us but we get lure because of their attractive creatives and videos and strategies of sale which makes the users to purchase and use the product.

According to a recent research done by Crowdtap i.e. 63% of people do their shopping through social media platforms and 43% of users make their shopping decisions using social media.

Inorganic marketing is the famous way to get the visibility and fame in short period of time on all the social media platforms & even google search where you can get your business listed in top 10 in just few seconds of payment. Many businesses are using this now to promote their brand and no doubt they are getting success in their business with inorganic marketing.

This also we have to understand that, Marketing through inorganic posts lasts as long as the payment & campaign is active. Once the campaign is over, the reach too as if the inorganic customers are turned into followers then only they can see the updates what the company is posting and promoting & if the company gets succeeded in attaining the trust of their customers by giving good service then that can lead to maximum reach and support. Like this many companies and businesses who have millions of likes are playing strategically via organic posts now to maintain the followers and also promoting their business.

Organic & Inorganic both are equally Important

If we talk about the perfect branding and promotions, then both plays equal role & have benefits as they both are dependent upon each other for reach & visibility. The blend of both the marketing strategies create miracles in advertising and promotions of the business. After the solid inorganic promotions & getting great reach, the new customers can be sustained through organic posts and engaging quality contents. Management of both the marketing techniques need proper strategic planning which will definitely give the balanced productivity.

According to the Search Engine land and Brightedge research , the blended approach is best for delivering high performing content. Not only will combining organic and paid search increase website traffic, but it will offer a bigger return on the investment. Take Retail, Technology and Hospitality industries, for example — organic and paid search combined make up more than two-thirds of their total revenue. BrightEdge, Cracking the Content 2014

In the next blog we are going to talk about the process of Organic Vs Inorganic marketing on different social media, tips & strategies to understand Organic & Inorganic marketing more briefly.  Want to know more about us or looking for the digital marketing services? Contact us here

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