4 Ways to Use Mobile Recruiting for Talent Acquisition

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Mobile Recruiting is the fastest growing trend across the industries to attract and reach out to the best candidates.

As per a survey by Glassdoor, 58% of job seekers are using their mobile phones to find relevant job posts.

Ease of Usage, Quick Turnaround Time and Real-Time Communication is the need of the hour. The HR Recruiters need to tap the latest technologies and trends in order to excel in their Hiring processes.

Here are four ways in which you can efficiently leverage Mobile Recruiting to accelerate your talent acquisition.

Video-Based Descriptions to Add Life to Your Job Requirement

Video-based job descriptions help you humanize your brand and come across as a more people-friendly organization. Video description helps the candidate understand the job requirement in a quicker and better way.

Nowadays, people watch videos almost every hour on their mobile phones. An excellent and detailed video job description can make you stand out for the candidates. In simple words, it brings life to your dull and straightforward textual job post. It lets the potential candidate understand your organization’s vision by better engagement.

As per a study by Ongig, video-based job posts pop up 487% more in comparison to text job ads. Another benefit of video job descriptions is that you can use them easily on various platforms like your website, your internal portals. These can go on your twitter handle, your official Facebook page, and LinkedIn.

Abridged Forms for Candidates to Apply Using their Social Media Profiles

As a recruiter, you should have an interface wherein you can have candidates apply for jobs directly without requiring them to fill in lengthy details. Job applicants should be able to upload their LinkedIn or GitHub profiles directly while applying for job postings. It attracts capable candidates and also gives HR Recruiter a better insight into the candidate’s skills.

LinkedIn is the most significant networking platform for professionals. A candidate’s LinkedIn profile is a far more efficient way to gauge their professional skillset than a mere 2-page text resume. These days candidates provide endorsements from references. Their essential skillset, project information is readily available on their LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.

Mobile Optimised Career Pages for Seamless User Experience & Better Engagement

An application or platform that enables the candidates to complete a job application with ease from start to finish is a must-have. No one wants to spend time on useless navigation and hassled interface.

Your Job Application system should incorporate the latest technologies that facilitate quick and straightforward processing. You don’t want to lose talented candidates only due to the lack of a robust system.

A sustainable, multiple platform integrated system which facilitates data compatibility on numerous mediums is a plus. Thus a candidate should have the provision of starting job applications on the mobile device. And then should be able to view it on other platforms like a tablet or personal computer later if needed. The alerts and responses should be sent on email, text, and other messaging applications as required.

Social Media Advocacy to Facilitate Real-Time Interaction

Social media is a powerful tool today to engage with the right target audience and create awareness about your brand. You can easily communicate the ideologies, policies, and vision of your company in the right way by creating social media groups and communities.

The way people interact on social media defines a lot about their attitude and work ethics. Also, Social media is a faster and better way of connecting with people. When real people discuss and talk about an organization on a social platform, the better impact is made.

Even Facebook enables recruiters to create job posts on their pages which the users can directly apply to with their Facebook Profiles. It shows that mobile recruiting needs to come-in-terms with the latest trends.

To Wrap Up

2019 is a year of innovative processes and faster communication influencing recruitment world. Leveraging the above-discussed strategies, you can reach better candidates and ace-up your talent acquisition process.

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