Reasons Why Recruiters Are Using Video Screening

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Video screenings are becoming increasingly popular in spotting the talent by the talent acquisition teams & management because of their ability to save time and money involved in traditional practices i.e., in-person interviews.

As technology is getting advanced and becoming more accessible, the set of tools available to recruiters is getting larger. With the closure of the entire world and economic breakdown due to Covid, most of the organizations shifted their hiring pattern to virtual mode to keep the process on. The video screenings are not new to the recruitment industry. Previously recruiters used to pose a set of questions and ask job seekers to record their responses in a video which was used by many companies to conduct the screening interviews to determine if an applicant was qualified for a job. Even recruiters don’t have to be present in-person to conduct the interview. These type of video screenings are usually one-way and were done in the first round of the hiring process.

But COVID made people use this technology extensively.  Recruiters and talent managers started connecting with a candidate face-to-face via webcam in real-time.
Video screening has actually shortened the time to hire & led to quick selection of  candidates who will proceed to the next step by cutting short the hours invested screening candidates over the phone & face to face.

Artificial Intelligence technology is the next step of virtual recruitment which is sparking up these days where recruiters don’t have to invest time in going through  video profiles and then make selection as per  to their understanding. In this technology, the AI segregates & rates the best profiles on the basis of candidate’s answers and shortlists the final ones for the recruiters to take ahead. The AI also incorporates   the emotions of the applicants, the level of answers they are giving to validate their points and answers, the confidence & eye movement. Witty, strategic answers with thoughtful references makes AI choose the best ones from the first level of screening.

Many companies have already started adopting video screenings for hiring talents after understanding the benefits of video tools over traditional interview practices.

Source: SAPApp Centre which offers Video screening tools for recruitment

Let’s have a look in detail on the top reasons for why recruiters are using video screening:

  1. Time is the key to success.
    Video screening it is comparatively easier and quicker for the recruiters to schedule back to back interviews . This saves ample time for the recruiters as well as the candidate & above all it helps the hiring managers to identify the best talent from a pool of candidates for open job opportunities. This platform is an excellent tool to motivate and empower the applicants to present their unique talents, work, qualifications via video screening which might not be possible sometimes in face to face interviews. The candidates can present or share their screen related to their projects to the recruiters. Even recruiters get enough time to identify the talent & work which might get missed in walk-in interviews.
    Recruiters also get a chance to choose the candidates from geographically diverse locations via video interview without calling them on site by assessing their skills within minutes.

AI technology has made the recruitment much easier by saving time & enhancing efficiency many folds. The recruiters don’t have to be present. AI does everything from video screening to rating and shortlisting for the next round. This saves lot of time of recruiters to invest in the further stages of the hiring process and engage candidates more effectively with their organization.

  1. Analyzing post Interview is easy
    While taking face to face interviews sometimes, the critical information gets missed . Recruiters don’t get enough references or sources to analyze the candidate.  , sometimes with the flow and interpretation of in-person interaction the real agenda gets missed which affects both the hiring team and the candidate.
    With video screenings, the interviews can be replayed and  stored for the future purpose. This  helps recruiters to evaluate the candidate properly and then take a decision whether to take the further step of hiring or not.
    The video can be shared with the other team members to assist in quick decision making. Also facial expressions, confidence, the personality, the communication, everything can be analyzed all together with the help of video screenings.

In Artificial machine technology, the intellectual analysis is done on the score of happiness, confidence, content, straight forwardness of the candidate & the best one is referred to the recruiter to do the next proceedings.

Even if it’s mass hiring of graduates or freshers, AI technology proves the capability & do the exceptional job in rating out the best & sending forward the deserving one on the next level.

Recruitment technology firm HireVue designed a video AI tool that uses candidate’s laptop or mobile camera, audio to screen and rate them on hiring score before a recruiter.

Source: Hirevue

Even many large companies like Unilever , Dow jonesGoldman sachs are incorporating artificial intelligence into their recruitment efforts.

According to Unilever Chief of HR, , 70,000 person hours of interviewing and assessing candidates has been reduced just because of automated screening system.

  1. Video screenings are easy to Schedule and Manage

The virtual recruitment process is easy and manageable for recruiters as well as applicants. Today we have Real time as well as recorded Video screenings which makes interview scheduling very convenient & quick. If there is time constraint or inability to join real-time interviews, recruiters can use AI based hiring process in which the candidates they can record their answers and send it to the recruiters at their ease.

As per Ideal, AI technology is the future of Automated recruiting.


  1. Professional Outreach & interactions on track

Professionalism while interviewing is important and both the parties should take care of the questions and answers exchanged. Recruiters should ask the relevant questions related to interview and job role and the same is expected from the candidate side too.

Video screenings help to record the interview in real time, which will ensure all interactions are on track.

To conclude, there are  many  benefits of video screenings which the Recruitment teams   appreciate . Now recruiters have options to choose from the varieties of Video screening technologies:  Online web interview, offline interview & AI recruitment technology. Indeed, Video screenings are the future of the Virtual recruitment process.

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